National Services

We can relocate you anywhere, ASAP, you only give us the address!


Guarantee for your goods

We offer you a warranty on your personal goods. We deliver your goods in perfect condition.

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Specialtymoves? We’re a company up to the challenge!

We are ready to move the heaviest objects from your home or your office with the help of our special equipment and with the help of our trained professionals, ready to cope with any situation.


Smooth Shipping.

Regardless of the luggage volume or the transport distance, we are there for you in any circumstances!

We can even store your goods into our storage spaces. We can help you with the storage or the assembly and disassembly of your furniture.


Short history

AtuMoving, your professional transport team, has emerged from some experience in this area in America. Learning there that the field of relocating and transport is a very vast and complex one, we decided to apply these procedures and ways of working in Romania.


Why choose us?

We want your move to be as safe and fast as possible. We can do it because we know how to optimize work and time. The equipment we use is at the standards of those in America and some are even brought overseas.


Our mission

Our goal is to relocate you as quickly and safely as we can, to help you resume your work ASAP. We ensure you that, as a result of communicating with the crew managers, we will take into account all your needs.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.

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